Changing the Cycle Foundation, Inc. was established in September, 2009. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that focus on building families economically and mentally.

Our Core Values

Building stronger family structures through our Financial Fitness Clinic, Empowerment Workshops, and Collaboration with community agencies, programs, and providers to provide Supportive group services for emotional and mental wellness.

“Our organization’s mission is to provide financial literacy, parenting education, and mental health supportive services and resources.”

Targeting the needs of the changing family structure.

fbg_img_4It has become apparent that each generation is ever-changing. The youth of today youth are advance socially and technically than their parents. Parents are trying to keep up while maintaining household on at least one income.

Our Founder

Pamela Shulterbrandt is originally from Rochester, NY by way of Buffalo, NY and now resides in Lithonia, GA. She is happily married to David Shulterbrandt, is a loyal member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, a proud parent, and a very proud grandmother.

No matter where she has lived, she always strived to make a positive community impact. Her strong belief in core family values has led her to establishing Changing the Cycle Foundation, Inc., which targets needs of the family structure. During her time spent volunteering and mentoring our youth, it became apparent to her that each generation is ever-changing. The youth of today are faced with a lot more than the previous generation. Without the proper education and guidance, parents and youth can be lead down the wrong path.

Pamela is passionate about issues that are weakening our families and knows that it is her God given purpose to help solve it. She is looking forward to what is ahead for Changing the Cycle Foundation, Inc. and partnering with her community to help build stronger families.

Forms of negative parenting:

Uninformed – The parent does not know how to be involved in their child’s life because that’s not the type of upbringing they experienced personally.

Too Busy – The parent is consumed with other issues that the parent/child relationship stops growing because it’s not given the attention it needs.

Unavailable – The parent is not mentally ready for children because they are incapable of caring for anyone but themselves.